Fisheries and Oceans Canada
BC Ministry of Environment
Squamish Nation
Recovery Fund

CN established the Cheakamus Ecosystem Recovery Fund (CERF) to increase community involvement and complement ongoing recovery efforts on the river. Funds were provided to Streamkeepers, environmental stewardship groups and watershed societies to develop and implement restoration activities. Other large-scale enhancement and construction projects were developed and implemented by CN outside of the CERF. The Cheakamus Ecosystem Recovery Fund was similar to other funding programs provided through the Pacific Salmon Foundation and BC Hydro's Bridge Coastal program with a few notable modifications:

  • The qualifying funding area was the Cheakamus River from the Daisy Lake Dam to the Squamish River Estuary including the tributaries to the Cheakamus River.
  • The target species for the program included those determined to have been most affected by the sodium hydroxide spill, specifically Steelhead, Chinook, Coho, char and sculpin.
  • The project review and selection committee was represented by CERTC membership (CN, District of Squamish, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Ministry of Environment and Squamish Nation). BC Hydro was also consulted about projects that had the potential to confound or affect BC Hydro's interests in the Cheakamus River.
  • The program provided opportunities for groups to hire professionals to assist in their projects and did not limit the amount or percentage of funds provided to any one project, although partnerships with other funding groups were encouraged.

CN provided all project funding to the CERF. The yearly budget was set at $400,000 with a program timeline from 2007 to 2011 for a total of up to $2,000,000 of available funding. The program was extended to 2015 due to remaining funds and to encourage further activities in the qualifying area. Over the eight years of the program 24 projects received funding from the CERF and the total estimated value of all these projects was $3,182,636.10 with 36% ($1,153,699.01) of the funding being provided by the CERF.

This CERF initiative was one of many restoration strategies in CN's overall Cheakamus Ecosystem Recovery Plan (CERP). Over the duration of the CERF, CN continued to investigate and develop enhancement and construction projects outside of the funding program.

Project Funding Summary

2015 approved projects:
1. Evans Creek Paradise Valley Road (Notch) Channel - Phase 4 Final Report
SWRS 2016-Evans Ck Phase 4 Final Report May 2016.pdf (pdf) New!
2. Squamish River Watershed Society - Central Squamish Estuary Brownfield Restoration Project
SRWS 2015-Central Estuary Brownfield Restoration-Final.pdf (pdf)
3. Squamish River Watershed Society - Evans Creek Notch Channel
Evans Cr Notch Channel Final Report Aug 2015 w-dwgs.pdf (pdf)
4. Squamish River Watershed Society - The Notch Road Crossing (Paradise Valley Road)

2012 approved projects:
1. North Vancouver Outdoor School - Dave Marshall Salmon Reserve - fish trap modification, and habitat enhancement
NVOS Fish Trap Habitat Enhancement 2012.pdf (pdf)

1. Squamish River Watershed Society - Feasibility Study to Develop Detailed Groundwater Study of Mamquam Aquifer. $5,000 Seed Funding Grant
2. Squamish River Watershed Society - Eelgrass Mapping and Monitoring in the Salish Sea (Howe Sound region). $19,025 Grant
Squamish Estuary Eelgrass Mapping 2011-Final Report.pdf (pdf)
Squamish Estuary Eelgrass Mapping 2011-Summary.pdf (pdf)

1. Squamish River Watershed Society - Squamish Watershed Education and Outreach Project.
Squamish Watershed Education and Outreach Project 2009, Final Report (pdf)

2. Squamish River Watershed Society - Swift Creek Channel Restoration.
Swift Creek Channel Restoration Feasibility Study (pdf)

3. InStream Fisheries research Inc. - Steelhead Supplementation - Monitoring Workshop Technical review. $3,850 Seed Funding Grant

4. Pacific Foundation for Understanding Nature Society - Salmon and People book Background Research. $5,000 Seed Funding Grant

5. British Columbia Conservation Foundation - Cheakamus River Large Woody Debris Stream bank Protection and Fish habitat Development. $97,124 Grant
Cheakamus River_LWD_Bank Protection-Report.pdf (pdf)
Cheakamus River_LWD_Bank Protection-Photos.pdf (pdf)

6. Triton Environmental Consultants Ltd. - Squamish River Estuary, fish habitat use study design. $5,000 Seed Funding Grant

1. British Columbia Conservation Foundation - Brohm River instream habitat restoration project phase 1. $45,000 Grant.
Brohm Creek Phase I 2008 Final Report (pdf)

2. District of Squamish - Carson Place Culvert Installation. $29,717.15 Grant.
Carson Place Culvert Installation Fish Salvage and Environmental Monitoring Report, 2008 (pdf)

3. Squamish River Watershed Society - Eelgrass Restoration in Upper Howe Sound by Stawamus. $7,021.51 Grant.
Eelgrass Restoration in Upper Howe Sound Final Report, 2009 (pdf)

4. The Nature Trust - Squamish Estuary Acquisition - Cattermole Slough. $50,000 Grant.

5. Caroline Armour - Investigating Cottid recolonization in the Cheakamus River, BC through measurements of genetic distinctiveness. $6,800 Grant.
Armour 2010-Cottid Recolonization Thesis.pdf (pdf)

6. Squamish River Watershed Society - Squamish Outreach and Education Project for the salmon recovery plan. $33,556.00 Grant.
Squamish Watershed Education and Outreach 2008, Final Report (pdf)

7. Squamish River Watershed Society - Squamish Estuary Riparian Land Purchase - Mamquam Island. $100,000 Grant

8. Squamish Environmental Conservation Society - Cattermole Creek Loop Boardwalk. Seed funding $3,400.00 Grant.

9. Squamish River Watershed Society - Swift Creek Channel Restoration. Seed funding $5,000.00 Grant.

10. Tenderfoot Creek Hatchery Infrastructure Modifications - Fisheries and Oceans Canada (DFO), $60,000 Grant.

1. Michael Melnychuk - Assessment of juvenile survival of hatchery-reared coho salmon during downstream migration and early ocean survival. $50,000 Grant

Final Report Coho POST Study (PDF)

2. Squamish River Watershed Society - Creel survey of the Squamish River watershed recreation fishery. $36,650 Grant

2007 Creel Survey Report (PDF)
2007 Creel Survey Data (PDF)

3. Squamish River Watershed Society - Squamish River estuary training dyke culvert improvement project. $59,550 Grant

Culvert Installation Final Repot (PDF)