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Cheakamus Ecosystem Recovery Plan (CERP)

The overall goal of the Cheakamus Ecosystem Recovery Plan (CERP) is to return the Cheakamus River ecosystem to a pre-spill state as fast as reasonably possible. Adaptive management is the key to recovery. This will require ongoing review of project goals and objectives and monitoring to identify if recovery targets are being achieved. Adaptive management will allow revisions to restoration strategies based on the results of monitoring programs and new restoration techniques.

The duration of the CERP will be determined with an adaptive management approach. The current plan has been developed on a 10-year assessment period beginning in 2006 and ending in 2015. Yearly modifications to the Recovery Plan are planned and more significant reviews are scheduled every three years.

The Cheakamus Ecosystem Recovery Plan is made up of two major components:

  1. Monitoring Programs - Monitoring programs are the backbone of a recovery plan. These programs enable CN, in co-operation with CERTC, to determine the status of fish populations annually as well as over time, and help to establish pre-spill population estimates.
  2. Recovery Programs - Recovery programs are the more visible projects of CN's Cheakamus Ecosystem Recovery Plan. The Cheakamus River is a high velocity river, prone to flooding with a lot of private development, First Nation land and linear corridors. Any changes to the river or its tributaries must be done carefully and planned with consideration for all users of the Cheakamus valley.

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Cheakamus Watershed Overview Map (pdf) (4.7 MB)
Cheakamus Watershed Overview Map (pdf) (smaller)