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Stakeholder Team

The Cheakamus Ecosystem Restoration Stakeholder Team (Stakeholder Team), established by CERTC, is a public advisory group comprised of representatives from interested organizations and individuals with local knowledge of and experience with the Cheakamus River.

Meeting Notes


Review of the 10 year CERP summarizing recovery strategies, targets and monitoring results (pdf)
Overview of the Cheakamus River Large Woody Debris Stream bank Protection and fish habitat development project, June 2011 (pdf)
Update on Cheakamus River recovery strategies and monitoring programs, March 2009 (pdf)
Update on Cheakamus River recovery strategies and monitoring programs, January 2012 (pdf)
Cheakamus River Sculpin Recovery Presentation to CERST - Fall 2010 (pdf)
Adult Wild-and Hatchery-Origin Steelhead Returns to the Cheakamus River in 2009 (pdf)
Cheakamus River Bull Trout Radiotelemetry and Enumeration Program, 2007-2009 (pdf)
Cheakamus River Side Channel Re-watering Projects, March 2010 (pdf)


The Stakeholder Team provides input into the development and implementation of monitoring and restoration programs for the Cheakamus ecosystem.

The Team helps coordinate and communicate comments and recommendations from interested parties to CERTC, and also receives updates on CERTC activities, as the information becomes available. All input from the Stakeholder Team is considered advisory in nature and final decisions regarding monitoring and restoration programs rests with CERTC and the Cheakamus Ecosystem Restoration Steering Committee. Stakeholder Team Terms of Reference

CERTC Communication to the Stakeholder Team

CERTC Responses to Dec 6 2006 Stakeholder Team Questions (pdf)